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Our products are up to date, of high quality design and our development and manufacturing facilities comply with the latest standards. In the fields of disinfection and air purification we cover a wide range of applications through the use of a variety of different technologies. Our ISO 9001 certificate is proof that we are a competent partner with well-structured processes, not only within Germany.

IIdeally, you will already have been working for some time in this market, have extensive contacts and represent other products in the fields of ventilation, the food industry or environmental technology. We will be happy to invite you to visit us in Bad Wünnenberg, in order to get to know our company and products.

Outside Germany, we are keen to work together with


Here also, an ideal partner would already have connections to the air conditioning and ventilation industries or be active in the fields of food or environmental technology. Develop new sales opportunities and offer your customers additional benefit.