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Clean, fresh air under the sign of the butterfly

We are an innovative company in the field of air treatment and decontamination. When designing and manufacturing our products we place particular emphasis on customer orientation, quality and environmental protection. In fact, the latter is so important for us that we have incorporated it into our logo.

“We do not inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children.”

Based on this ancient native American saying, in all our activities at Aabach TechoAir we maintain a constant focus on sustainability and environmental compatibility. Low energy consumption and the best possible protection of the environment are the basic principles which we apply to our work and thereby seek to secure our children’s future.

With our individually tailored solutions, our aim is always to fulfill your requirements and provide you with the most suitable product for your application. To make sure that we can achieve this, we and our team of design experts, engineers, programmers and software designers are always on the lookout for new solutions, in order to make even the most unusual project possible. Please contact us, together we can find a solution…
To ensure consistently high standards, we are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and have our own internal quality management systems. The certification also extends to development and project planning so that we can provide appropriate support above and beyond the product itself. Naturally, we make a point of ensuring that our suppliers also have appropriate quality management systems in place. Project engineers are available to handle large projects.
Design and Programming
In our design department, we work with 3D versions of Solid Works or Catia V5. In order to keep our controls and PLCs up to date, we work together with renowned control manufacturers and carry out programming in house in C+ or C++.
Mechanical Production
Modern machinery enables us to use a wide range of processing technology: turning, thread cutting, milling and drilling with the aid of modern CNC lathe and milling centres.
Individual processing of special designs and customised solutions.
Electrical Production and Assembly
Here we implement wiring diagrams, make switching cabinets for the Excubo systems or assemble intensity controllers for Norma IQ.
Mechanical Production and Assembly
The products are assembled by our trained technical staff. This enables us to guarantee the highest quality.
Research and Development

  • Product development
  • Development and test laboratories
  • Electronics development
  • Long-term tests for electronic components
  • Equipment for manufacturing tests

All Aabach TechnoAir products are developed in-house.

High Bay Warehouse
In order to meet market requirements, we have sufficient warehousing capacity for both semi-finished and finished products. This enables us to service our customers promptly in the high quality to which they are accustomed.
Training Centre
We can of course also offer training sessions for our partners and customers.
Three separate training rooms enable us to provide highly efficient training for customers, sales partners and employees.
Please get in touch with us, we will be happy to support you.