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Photocatalysis – air purification with the power of light.
Photocatalysis is a physicochemical process which is activated by light alone. No further energy is required. Photocatalysis can be carried out without adding chemicals. This is due amongst other factors to the enormous oxidising power of the process, which is far more powerful than ozone or chlorine. The Aabach TechnoAir EXCUBO air cleaning system works with the environmentally friendly photocatalysis technology. The power of light ensures that the following are broken down:

  • Air pollutants such as H2S, SOx, NOx, ozone, etc.
  • VOCs, such as toluene, xylene, styrene, heptane, acetaldehyde, etc
  • Organic and inorganic odours
  • Organic particles such as grease etc.
  • Bacteria, germs and mould spores 
We offer you tailored solutions for your application, well adapted to: 

  • Quality and quantity of the air pollutants
  • Air flow
  • Installation space

The Aabach TechnoAir EXCUBO units help to protect the environment and create better air quality for a healthier life.

Fresh Air. Everywhere.