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How doew bipolar air ionisation work?
In air ionisation systems, electrical current is used to create negative and positive ions from the oxygen in the air.What do the ions do?
Ions are highly reactive and act as oxidising agents. Contamination which is present in the air is rendered harmless.
How do oxygen ions work?
Oxygen ions react immediately with organic compounds present in the indoor air.
Can the ion concentration become too high?
The sophisticated sensor technology in the units ensures that the production of ions is precisely adjusted to the level of contamination in the indoor air. This means that a reaction consuming the ions takes place immediately. As the contamination is reduced, so is the production of ions. 
How long has air ionisation technology been in existence?
The principle of air ionisation is based on an invention by Werner von Siemens in 1857.
Are there any scientific studies about air ionisation?
In the past few years, several detailed studies have been carried out on the function of air ionisation for a wide range of applications. These have repeatedly confirmed the theory behind the positive practical results.
Where else is air ionisation technology used?
In practice, air ionisation has already been used successfully for many years in commercial, technical applications.  In particular, air ionisation successfully reduces bacteria and mould spores in cold-storage rooms and warehouses. Systems using air ionisation technology are also widely used in exhaust air purification to remove unpleasant odours.

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