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Surface Disinfection

Ultra violet rays form part of the natural spectrum in sunlight.

In the wavelength range from 253.7 nm they have a germicidal effect on different types of viruses, bacteria and moulds.

UV/C disinfection of ambient air and surfaces effectively prevents the growth of micro-organisms.

UV/C lamps reliably inactivate airbourne micro-organisms, as well as those on surfaces. Catalytic combustion of odours and grease in the extract air also occurs.

There are obvious advantages in comparison to thermal or chemical disinfection:

  • Disinfection takes place within a few seconds without the use of heat or chemicals
  • There is no formation of resistance
  • no cross-contamination
  • Results are reproducible and can be validated and monitored
  • Investment and operating costs are low, installation is simple

Aabach TechnoAir disinfection equipment helps with disinfection and contamination control in a wide variety of food industry applications. 

Aabach TechnoAir UV/C disinfection units provide long-lasting, reliable support in fulfilling – and exceeding – German hygiene standards.

Fresh Air. Everywhere.

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