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Aabach TechnoAir

30. June 2011

Germ-killer out of a tube

For many years, the problem of germs in the ventilation systems of food manufacturers has been underestimated. Last year, in the US alone, three well-known companies were forced to close because of listeriosis – the germs were quite literally in the air. Particularly in the highly sensitive slicer area, in which no additional thermal treatment [...]

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Aabach TechnoAir

29. June 2011

Surface Disinfection

Ultra violet rays form part of the natural spectrum in sunlight. In the wavelength range from 253.7 nm they have a germicidal effect on different types of viruses, bacteria and moulds. UV/C disinfection of ambient air and surfaces effectively prevents the growth of micro-organisms. UV/C lamps reliably inactivate airbourne micro-organisms, as well as those on [...]

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29. June 2011

Extract Air Cleaning by means of bipolar Ionisation

Effective extract air cleaing by means of bipolar Ionisation Bipolar ionisation can be used not only to deactivate micro-organisms or for simple neutralisation of odours but also to oxidise airborne pollutants such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The pictures show a room in which several tempering furnaces are connected to an extract air system. The [...]

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